Funeral Attire Advice

Posted by Tallon on July 15, 2016

Choosing the right funeral attire is important. What you wear to such an event sends a message to those around you and also has a significant affect on how you feel yourself.

What is the right funeral attire?

You need to choose what you wear to a funeral carefully. If you get your choice right you will be showing respect to the person who has died and those they have left behind.

In addition, you will also feel more comfortable. There really is nothing worse than feeling under, or over dressed at a funeral.

What you should wear depends on whose funeral you are attending, where, and the religious traditions and customs of them and their family. You need to remember that you are primarily there to show respect, so you need to do your best to reflect this fact.

Funeral AttireThat means if it is customary to wear a suit to a funeral in your area then that is what you should do. It does not matter whether you have never one in your life or not. You need to go out and hire one, buy an inexpensive one, or borrow a suit from a friend, so that you blend in.

On the other hand, if the custom is to dress casually, but tidily, for a funeral then that is what you should also do.

Usually casual footwear is also frowned upon. For example, trainers, even if they are new and dark coloured in many parts of the world people do not like to see them worn at funerals.

The colour of funeral clothes

In many parts of the world black is the traditional colour of mourning, so it is frequently worn to funerals, especially in the west. However, it is not the only colour of mourning. For example, in most parts of India the mourners wear white. In Japan, funeral attire combine both black and white.

Again, the key is to understand what is the custom with the close family of the deceased and reflect that in the way you dress. Even if there is no traditional colour that you know of, generally speaking, you should still avoid wearing bright colours.

Dress modestly

For such a sombre affair it is generally a good idea to dress modestly. For women that means no low cut tops or extremely short skirts. Men also need to dress appropriately, so it is best not to wear an unbuttoned shirt, or overly tight clothes.

Practical funeral attire

You also need to dress in a practical way. For example, if it is a burial wearing high heel shoes is not a sensible approach. You will have to walk over soft ground and are not going to be able to do so with dignity if your heels are too high.

It is wise to go prepared for the weather. Be just aware of what the sun can do as the rain and snow. You may be standing outside for some time, so you need to protect yourself from the elements, by choosing your attire carefully.