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Traditional Funeral Poems

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Traditional Funeral Poetry

Putting together a funeral service is never easy. For you it is a difficult time. You have just lost your loved one, so it is only natural that you find it hard to focus and put together a service that does justice to the person you are saying goodbye to.

Traditional funeral poems for a modern service

Fortunately, most of us do not have to attend that many funerals in our lifetime, which of course is a very good thing. However, it does leave us with the problem that we have relatively little experience of funeral services, which makes it hard to come up with ideas. Often, even when you do have ideas, about what should be included in your loved one´s funeral service, you have the problem that you cannot be sure it will work well.

A good way to get around this issue is to tap into what other people have used in the past. To help you with this we have put together a list of traditional funeral poems. Usually, a simple online search will enable you to read each poem in full.

Which ones are appropriate is very much a matter of personal taste. If you read one of these traditional funeral poems and it feels right make a note of it. Often, when it comes to arranging a funeral service it is best to go with your feelings. Do not be afraid to only use a part of a traditional funeral poem, if you feel it is more appropriate to do so.

Our initial list

Traditional Funeral PoetryGoodbye My Friend

A Song of Living

Crossing the bar


I Did Not Die

Funeral Blues

High Flight

Miss Me but Let Me Go

Farewell my Friends

All Is Well

I Thought Of You Today

Poems Read At Princess Diana’s funeral

Do Not Stand At My Grave and Weep

Death Be Not Proud


God Saw You Getting Tired

He Has Achieved Success

If Tomorrow Starts Without Me

There Is No Death (Death is Nothing at All)

To An Athlete Dying Young

I Fall Asleep

Remember Me

Life Is But A Stopping Place

If I Should Go Tomorrow


A Psalm of Life by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Funeral Blues

No Night Without

Beyond the Sunset (Should You Go First)

Footprints in the Sand

Other sources of funeral poem inspiration

If none of the above appeal to you turn to the person who will be conducting the funeral for inspiration. Over the years, they will have attended literally hundreds of funerals, so they will have their own list of favourite funeral poems.  You can also consider lifting a few lines from a song that expresses how you feel, or says something about the personality of the person you are commemorating.

Please help us to help others

Naturally, this is not a comprehensive list. If you have other favourite funeral poems that we have not included above please let us know about them in the comments section. We will then take a look and add those we like to the list. Thank you in anticipation of your help with this project.

Maya Angelou Funeral Poems

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For many years, Maya Angelou funeral poems have been very popular. If you are planning a funeral and are looking for beautiful, and poignant words to be read you really should consider this poet’s work.

This poet speaks simply, but eloquently of the human condition. She uses her experience of living as an African-American being bought up in a segregated country where she, along with many others, had to fight to be treated equally.

During the course of here 86 years she wrote seven autobiographies, books of essays, dozens of poems, as well as plays, movies, and television shows. Naturally much of what she wrote was especially to African Americans who shared her experience of living in a country which for decades treated them as second class citizens.

However, over the decades, everyone, from all walks of life have come to appreciate, and love, her work. Today, she is one of the most popular poets in America and has a growing worldwide following.

The nicest Maya Angelou funeral poems

Her body of work is a large one, and there is something for everyone. Here we have put together details of the ones we like. There are other poems that she has wrote that could be suitable for a funeral, but these are the best of them:

When Great Trees Fall

This poem speaks to the mark that we all leave on the world. It reminds of the fact that even when we die the life of those who are left behind are still affected by our influence on them when we were alive. It is a poem that is often used when great leaders die, but it is just as poignant when a parent or grandparent is lost to us.

When I Think of Death

This poem is about the coming of death and that way it haunts our living days. It speaks f the loss and disbelief we feel when someone who is dear to us is lost to us forever.

It is not as popular as some of her other poems, but it does give the mourners permission to grieve. Therefore, many say that it had a healing affect on them, allowing them to start the grieving process.

Maya Angelou funeral poemsWe Had Him

Few people realise that the poem read by Queen Latifah at Micheal Jackson’s funeral was written by Maya Angelou. It was very clearly about Jackson, but like so much of her poetry it speaks of, and to, many people. Currently, it is not a popular poem, but we can see it gradually becoming so.

His Day is Done

Passages of the poem that Maya Angelou wrote to honour Nelson Mandela are also slowly being picked out and used by people for their family funerals.

Links to Maya Angelou funeral poems

If you want to use these beautiful poems for the funeral of a friend or family member, click here to find out more about her body of work.

You can find links to her individual poems on this page.

You can find out more about the poems of Maya Angelou, and here life here.

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