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Master the Art of Wellbeing – Transcend Into a Renewal of Life

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Master the Art of Wellbeing - Transcend Into a Renewal of LifeGrowing beautiful flowers are easy to do, when you cultivate the roots within the soil!

Performing at your best, operating with self-confidence, being able to admire and appreciate life, being grateful, living in harmony with your environment, savoring peace and joyfulness, are all the petals of the same flowers that can be nurtured and cultivated from the core of your being. Wanting to grow beautiful flowers involves cultivating the roots, knowing about the right soil, the right compost, the right temperature, right amount of watering and sunlight. And when you know how to handle the soil, the pests and other intrusions, and become a competent gardener and in love with growing a beautiful garden, no matter what the obstacles are, you are willing to do your best to grow your garden to compliment life.

If you forget that whatever you are producing is to enhance human life and wellbeing, your efforts will be expended against the flow of life and human nature.

Think about the resources that are currently devoted to arms and weaponry, pharmaceuticals, and alcohol; and their relationship to one another. And ask yourself a sincere question: is this the solution to human problems?

For the first time in human history, we have the advent of technology, resources and capabilities to address every human problem on the planet; such as food, health and education – our wellbeing!

How are we going to use these available resources for our wellbeing?

It is a scientific fact that our state of mind regulates our endocrine system, which in turn determines our state of health. We can cultivate our mind and spirit and its relationship to our body to a certain level of refinement.

When we achieve this vital point of refinement, something deep within us begins to blossom; something beyond anything physical that we have ever known or experienced – very much like a gardener whose heart bursts with delight when he comes upon the new blossoms in his garden.

We can unexpectedly touch upon an indescribable and boundless sensation of freedom; a sensation so delightful that will propel us forward into a new vista of gradual possibilities; we will then be gravitating only forward and will never look back!

This is a state where manifestations begin to sprout all around us, and we begin to accomplish things through thoughts and intention, rather than through struggle and effort. This is the refinement of our mind and soul, the core of our being, a fine frequency which vibrates out into every facet of our lives, and bounces back to ourselves like a mirror; thus, our environment becoming a reflection of our thoughts – a phenomenon commonly referred to as the Law of Attraction.

We are going to explore what this level of refinement and Freedom is and learn how to remove the fundamental barriers in attaining it; but most importantly how to sustain this freedom once we have it.


You have tried a variety of possible solutions, and some with great entertaining and amusing academic qualities with bells and whistles to reach your goal of wellbeing (a state of health, happiness and prosperity), but you’ve discovered that your condition continues to remain the same, and you have only learned how to articulate your problem a little better. You keep searching and reaching for a way to satisfy a deep longing, a feeling similar to longing for a loved one that you just don’t seem to be able to find! Isn’t that true?


This is the venue for you, if you are genuinely and eagerly seeking a sustainable peace of mind, if you want to discover the true art of wellbeing, if you have a true desire to transcend beyond the temporary fixes and short-lived pleasures. This is the venue for you, if you want to be able to live your life free of any social veneers and superficially valuable or pleasing appearances or any other hidden distortions. And finally, if you want to awaken and get to welcome and embrace the genius within You, and get on the path of arriving home to your true self, this is the venue for you!

You can actually have a bounty of many “things” and still feel not content and satisfied; and continue to reach for something new to satisfy a longing. And reach in so many different directions and yet not have a sustainable sense of inner peace, joy and wellbeing.

What I like to share and explore with you comes from many years of my own personal adventures, broad education, research and studies in the lap of many masters through traveling to more than 20 countries around the world; adventures that have come to the culmination of tapping into the discovery and possession of what is fundamentally a true sense of inner peace, resolve and personal empowerment.

As a multi-discipline artist, interior designer, educator, and consultant, I have acquired the Mastery of the Art of Wellbeing. I have transcended beyond the single form of creativity and into the most complete and comprehensive form of art – Life Itself as the greatest canvas of Art!

That is what I want for you too!

It is only then that your inner sense of bounty and bliss combined with your outer physical possessions can give you the sensation of genuine Wellbeing and Freedom. It is a Freedom that you can only arrive at by knowing how to rid yourself of what is actually and specifically plaguing you now. It is only then that you will be able to perform at your best.

You can discover your true self, and inner peace and joy, independent of any external source. You can eliminate the constant intrusive and hidden forces of negative influences of your history.

It is possible for you to stop identifying with your upbringing. You can let go of impractical, stale and artificial traditional values that has been foisted upon you, which continue to navigate your life without your consent. You can come home to your true self and stop looking, searching and perhaps even shopping around for the next temporary form of pleasure. Isn’t that what you really want?

You don’t have to learn how to make honey to enjoy the sweet taste of life. I have worked hard – very much like a working bee – and have learned how to do that and now I am offering you a drop of honey to taste and know how sweet this wisdom is.

The Art Therapy aspect of this venue alone will be opening the door to your self-discovery, which will be the beginning of a series of pleasant and unexpected surprises. Imagine wearing a pair of glasses smeared with Vaseline; how clearly can you see your environment compared? Now imagine whipping them off gradually with a good cleaning solution? How would you like to see with that form of clarity? This is particularly effective for the rehabilitation of the artist if you are engaged in any creative endeavor. After these therapies, you’ll need to keep a journal to log the enlightening changes you’ll begin to experience in your life. And that is a fact! Now, how valuable is that kind of clean up?


Although the following questions seem to vary from one another, they are indeed very much related to one another and rooted within the very same basic principles that are not observed or implemented. The simple yet essential rudimentary tools and remedies that are presented at this event will provide you with the workable answers and solutions to all of them to be applied and obtain results.

What are some of your abilities that you would like to cultivate?

What causes you to be fully resolved with yourself?

What makes you feel fulfilled and satisfied in life?

What are the things that make you really feel happy?

What are the causes of most chronic illnesses and stress?

What causes depression from an emotional loss?

What are the two most common sources of destructive behavior?

What keeps you from being fully honest to yourself and others?

What are the things you are not fearful about?

What is the secret to a great relationship?

What is your current most pressing distraction?

What are the rewards of true wellbeing?

What makes the artist subjected to hardship?

What blunts and crushes the creative impulses?

What is the importance of free imagination?

What actually causes and what cures depression?

How can you cultivate the creative impulses?

What is the best way to determine your own truth?

What kind of people should you trust?

What is the index of happiness?

What is the true role of an artist in society?

What is Realization and how do you attain it?

And what if – just what if – you could wake up one day and have nothing to worry or be anxious about and feel free enough to face the challenges of every day life with enthusiasm, equanimity and vigor? Wouldn’t you want that?

Maya Angelou Funeral Poems

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For many years, Maya Angelou funeral poems have been very popular. If you are planning a funeral and are looking for beautiful, and poignant words to be read you really should consider this poet’s work.

This poet speaks simply, but eloquently of the human condition. She uses her experience of living as an African-American being bought up in a segregated country where she, along with many others, had to fight to be treated equally.

During the course of here 86 years she wrote seven autobiographies, books of essays, dozens of poems, as well as plays, movies, and television shows. Naturally much of what she wrote was especially to African Americans who shared her experience of living in a country which for decades treated them as second class citizens.

However, over the decades, everyone, from all walks of life have come to appreciate, and love, her work. Today, she is one of the most popular poets in America and has a growing worldwide following.

The nicest Maya Angelou funeral poems

Her body of work is a large one, and there is something for everyone. Here we have put together details of the ones we like. There are other poems that she has wrote that could be suitable for a funeral, but these are the best of them:

When Great Trees Fall

This poem speaks to the mark that we all leave on the world. It reminds of the fact that even when we die the life of those who are left behind are still affected by our influence on them when we were alive. It is a poem that is often used when great leaders die, but it is just as poignant when a parent or grandparent is lost to us.

When I Think of Death

This poem is about the coming of death and that way it haunts our living days. It speaks f the loss and disbelief we feel when someone who is dear to us is lost to us forever.

It is not as popular as some of her other poems, but it does give the mourners permission to grieve. Therefore, many say that it had a healing affect on them, allowing them to start the grieving process.

Maya Angelou funeral poemsWe Had Him

Few people realise that the poem read by Queen Latifah at Micheal Jackson’s funeral was written by Maya Angelou. It was very clearly about Jackson, but like so much of her poetry it speaks of, and to, many people. Currently, it is not a popular poem, but we can see it gradually becoming so.

His Day is Done

Passages of the poem that Maya Angelou wrote to honour Nelson Mandela are also slowly being picked out and used by people for their family funerals.

Links to Maya Angelou funeral poems

If you want to use these beautiful poems for the funeral of a friend or family member, click here to find out more about her body of work.

You can find links to her individual poems on this page.

You can find out more about the poems of Maya Angelou, and here life here.

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