Why Print Your Own Funeral Programs

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Funerals are expensive, but very important events. Most people do their very best to do things right. They want the last thing they do for their loved one to be special. So, they want all of the little extras like a nice funeral program that friends and family can potentially take home with them.

Why are funeral programs important?

funeral_program_templatesFuneral programs are an important component of the service. This is the case regardless of what style of service you decide to hold.

They help to bring structure to the event and guide people through it. This is especially important for those who are very upset. The program gives them a focal point and leads them gently through the day.

Why are funeral programs so expensive?

However, they can also be expensive to provide. Most print firms charge a lot to produce something like this. Often, they will want to produce them in big batches. This is OK for a funeral where there is likely to be a lot of mourners, but very annoying for those who are hosting a small affair. It means that you will have paid out a lot more money than necessary for the programs and will have the painful task of having to put what is left over in the bin.

Print your own funeral programs

A far better approach is to produce your own funeral programs. It will be much cheaper and you can stay in control of how many are printed.

You also stay in complete control when it comes to the design. Once you have found a nice funeral plan template, all you need to do is to edit the words used and upload some nice photos. Surprisingly, a lot of print firms do not offer this flexibility as a part of their service.

Where to find funeral plan templates

You can download funeral plan templates from numerous websites. Some are free, others are not. Which you choose is entirely up to you, but many of the free ones are really nice, so it is often worth starting your search by taking a look at those. To help you we have put together the details of a few free funeral order of service template providers. You can find them at the bottom of our main article on the subject, just click the link above.

Traditional Funeral Poems

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Traditional Funeral Poetry

Putting together a funeral service is never easy. For you it is a difficult time. You have just lost your loved one, so it is only natural that you find it hard to focus and put together a service that does justice to the person you are saying goodbye to.

Traditional funeral poems for a modern service

Fortunately, most of us do not have to attend that many funerals in our lifetime, which of course is a very good thing. However, it does leave us with the problem that we have relatively little experience of funeral services, which makes it hard to come up with ideas. Often, even when you do have ideas, about what should be included in your loved one´s funeral service, you have the problem that you cannot be sure it will work well.

A good way to get around this issue is to tap into what other people have used in the past. To help you with this we have put together a list of traditional funeral poems. Usually, a simple online search will enable you to read each poem in full.

Which ones are appropriate is very much a matter of personal taste. If you read one of these traditional funeral poems and it feels right make a note of it. Often, when it comes to arranging a funeral service it is best to go with your feelings. Do not be afraid to only use a part of a traditional funeral poem, if you feel it is more appropriate to do so.

Our initial list

Traditional Funeral PoetryGoodbye My Friend

A Song of Living

Crossing the bar


I Did Not Die

Funeral Blues

High Flight

Miss Me but Let Me Go

Farewell my Friends

All Is Well

I Thought Of You Today

Poems Read At Princess Diana’s funeral

Do Not Stand At My Grave and Weep

Death Be Not Proud


God Saw You Getting Tired

He Has Achieved Success

If Tomorrow Starts Without Me

There Is No Death (Death is Nothing at All)

To An Athlete Dying Young

I Fall Asleep

Remember Me

Life Is But A Stopping Place

If I Should Go Tomorrow


A Psalm of Life by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Funeral Blues

No Night Without

Beyond the Sunset (Should You Go First)

Footprints in the Sand

Other sources of funeral poem inspiration

If none of the above appeal to you turn to the person who will be conducting the funeral for inspiration. Over the years, they will have attended literally hundreds of funerals, so they will have their own list of favourite funeral poems.  You can also consider lifting a few lines from a song that expresses how you feel, or says something about the personality of the person you are commemorating.

Please help us to help others

Naturally, this is not a comprehensive list. If you have other favourite funeral poems that we have not included above please let us know about them in the comments section. We will then take a look and add those we like to the list. Thank you in anticipation of your help with this project.

Master the Art of Wellbeing – Transcend Into a Renewal of Life

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Master the Art of Wellbeing - Transcend Into a Renewal of LifeGrowing beautiful flowers are easy to do, when you cultivate the roots within the soil!

Performing at your best, operating with self-confidence, being able to admire and appreciate life, being grateful, living in harmony with your environment, savoring peace and joyfulness, are all the petals of the same flowers that can be nurtured and cultivated from the core of your being. Wanting to grow beautiful flowers involves cultivating the roots, knowing about the right soil, the right compost, the right temperature, right amount of watering and sunlight. And when you know how to handle the soil, the pests and other intrusions, and become a competent gardener and in love with growing a beautiful garden, no matter what the obstacles are, you are willing to do your best to grow your garden to compliment life.

If you forget that whatever you are producing is to enhance human life and wellbeing, your efforts will be expended against the flow of life and human nature.

Think about the resources that are currently devoted to arms and weaponry, pharmaceuticals, and alcohol; and their relationship to one another. And ask yourself a sincere question: is this the solution to human problems?

For the first time in human history, we have the advent of technology, resources and capabilities to address every human problem on the planet; such as food, health and education – our wellbeing!

How are we going to use these available resources for our wellbeing?

It is a scientific fact that our state of mind regulates our endocrine system, which in turn determines our state of health. We can cultivate our mind and spirit and its relationship to our body to a certain level of refinement.

When we achieve this vital point of refinement, something deep within us begins to blossom; something beyond anything physical that we have ever known or experienced – very much like a gardener whose heart bursts with delight when he comes upon the new blossoms in his garden.

We can unexpectedly touch upon an indescribable and boundless sensation of freedom; a sensation so delightful that will propel us forward into a new vista of gradual possibilities; we will then be gravitating only forward and will never look back!

This is a state where manifestations begin to sprout all around us, and we begin to accomplish things through thoughts and intention, rather than through struggle and effort. This is the refinement of our mind and soul, the core of our being, a fine frequency which vibrates out into every facet of our lives, and bounces back to ourselves like a mirror; thus, our environment becoming a reflection of our thoughts – a phenomenon commonly referred to as the Law of Attraction.

We are going to explore what this level of refinement and Freedom is and learn how to remove the fundamental barriers in attaining it; but most importantly how to sustain this freedom once we have it.


You have tried a variety of possible solutions, and some with great entertaining and amusing academic qualities with bells and whistles to reach your goal of wellbeing (a state of health, happiness and prosperity), but you’ve discovered that your condition continues to remain the same, and you have only learned how to articulate your problem a little better. You keep searching and reaching for a way to satisfy a deep longing, a feeling similar to longing for a loved one that you just don’t seem to be able to find! Isn’t that true?


This is the venue for you, if you are genuinely and eagerly seeking a sustainable peace of mind, if you want to discover the true art of wellbeing, if you have a true desire to transcend beyond the temporary fixes and short-lived pleasures. This is the venue for you, if you want to be able to live your life free of any social veneers and superficially valuable or pleasing appearances or any other hidden distortions. And finally, if you want to awaken and get to welcome and embrace the genius within You, and get on the path of arriving home to your true self, this is the venue for you!

You can actually have a bounty of many “things” and still feel not content and satisfied; and continue to reach for something new to satisfy a longing. And reach in so many different directions and yet not have a sustainable sense of inner peace, joy and wellbeing.

What I like to share and explore with you comes from many years of my own personal adventures, broad education, research and studies in the lap of many masters through traveling to more than 20 countries around the world; adventures that have come to the culmination of tapping into the discovery and possession of what is fundamentally a true sense of inner peace, resolve and personal empowerment.

As a multi-discipline artist, interior designer, educator, and consultant, I have acquired the Mastery of the Art of Wellbeing. I have transcended beyond the single form of creativity and into the most complete and comprehensive form of art – Life Itself as the greatest canvas of Art!

That is what I want for you too!

It is only then that your inner sense of bounty and bliss combined with your outer physical possessions can give you the sensation of genuine Wellbeing and Freedom. It is a Freedom that you can only arrive at by knowing how to rid yourself of what is actually and specifically plaguing you now. It is only then that you will be able to perform at your best.

You can discover your true self, and inner peace and joy, independent of any external source. You can eliminate the constant intrusive and hidden forces of negative influences of your history.

It is possible for you to stop identifying with your upbringing. You can let go of impractical, stale and artificial traditional values that has been foisted upon you, which continue to navigate your life without your consent. You can come home to your true self and stop looking, searching and perhaps even shopping around for the next temporary form of pleasure. Isn’t that what you really want?

You don’t have to learn how to make honey to enjoy the sweet taste of life. I have worked hard – very much like a working bee – and have learned how to do that and now I am offering you a drop of honey to taste and know how sweet this wisdom is.

The Art Therapy aspect of this venue alone will be opening the door to your self-discovery, which will be the beginning of a series of pleasant and unexpected surprises. Imagine wearing a pair of glasses smeared with Vaseline; how clearly can you see your environment compared? Now imagine whipping them off gradually with a good cleaning solution? How would you like to see with that form of clarity? This is particularly effective for the rehabilitation of the artist if you are engaged in any creative endeavor. After these therapies, you’ll need to keep a journal to log the enlightening changes you’ll begin to experience in your life. And that is a fact! Now, how valuable is that kind of clean up?


Although the following questions seem to vary from one another, they are indeed very much related to one another and rooted within the very same basic principles that are not observed or implemented. The simple yet essential rudimentary tools and remedies that are presented at this event will provide you with the workable answers and solutions to all of them to be applied and obtain results.

What are some of your abilities that you would like to cultivate?

What causes you to be fully resolved with yourself?

What makes you feel fulfilled and satisfied in life?

What are the things that make you really feel happy?

What are the causes of most chronic illnesses and stress?

What causes depression from an emotional loss?

What are the two most common sources of destructive behavior?

What keeps you from being fully honest to yourself and others?

What are the things you are not fearful about?

What is the secret to a great relationship?

What is your current most pressing distraction?

What are the rewards of true wellbeing?

What makes the artist subjected to hardship?

What blunts and crushes the creative impulses?

What is the importance of free imagination?

What actually causes and what cures depression?

How can you cultivate the creative impulses?

What is the best way to determine your own truth?

What kind of people should you trust?

What is the index of happiness?

What is the true role of an artist in society?

What is Realization and how do you attain it?

And what if – just what if – you could wake up one day and have nothing to worry or be anxious about and feel free enough to face the challenges of every day life with enthusiasm, equanimity and vigor? Wouldn’t you want that?

Maya Angelou Funeral Poems

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For many years, Maya Angelou funeral poems have been very popular. If you are planning a funeral and are looking for beautiful, and poignant words to be read you really should consider this poet’s work.

This poet speaks simply, but eloquently of the human condition. She uses her experience of living as an African-American being bought up in a segregated country where she, along with many others, had to fight to be treated equally.

During the course of here 86 years she wrote seven autobiographies, books of essays, dozens of poems, as well as plays, movies, and television shows. Naturally much of what she wrote was especially to African Americans who shared her experience of living in a country which for decades treated them as second class citizens.

However, over the decades, everyone, from all walks of life have come to appreciate, and love, her work. Today, she is one of the most popular poets in America and has a growing worldwide following.

The nicest Maya Angelou funeral poems

Her body of work is a large one, and there is something for everyone. Here we have put together details of the ones we like. There are other poems that she has wrote that could be suitable for a funeral, but these are the best of them:

When Great Trees Fall

This poem speaks to the mark that we all leave on the world. It reminds of the fact that even when we die the life of those who are left behind are still affected by our influence on them when we were alive. It is a poem that is often used when great leaders die, but it is just as poignant when a parent or grandparent is lost to us.

When I Think of Death

This poem is about the coming of death and that way it haunts our living days. It speaks f the loss and disbelief we feel when someone who is dear to us is lost to us forever.

It is not as popular as some of her other poems, but it does give the mourners permission to grieve. Therefore, many say that it had a healing affect on them, allowing them to start the grieving process.

Maya Angelou funeral poemsWe Had Him

Few people realise that the poem read by Queen Latifah at Micheal Jackson’s funeral was written by Maya Angelou. It was very clearly about Jackson, but like so much of her poetry it speaks of, and to, many people. Currently, it is not a popular poem, but we can see it gradually becoming so.

His Day is Done

Passages of the poem that Maya Angelou wrote to honour Nelson Mandela are also slowly being picked out and used by people for their family funerals.

Links to Maya Angelou funeral poems

If you want to use these beautiful poems for the funeral of a friend or family member, click here to find out more about her body of work.

You can find links to her individual poems on this page.

You can find out more about the poems of Maya Angelou, and here life here.

Funeral Attire Advice

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Choosing the right funeral attire is important. What you wear to such an event sends a message to those around you and also has a significant affect on how you feel yourself.

What is the right funeral attire?

You need to choose what you wear to a funeral carefully. If you get your choice right you will be showing respect to the person who has died and those they have left behind.

In addition, you will also feel more comfortable. There really is nothing worse than feeling under, or over dressed at a funeral.

What you should wear depends on whose funeral you are attending, where, and the religious traditions and customs of them and their family. You need to remember that you are primarily there to show respect, so you need to do your best to reflect this fact.

Funeral AttireThat means if it is customary to wear a suit to a funeral in your area then that is what you should do. It does not matter whether you have never one in your life or not. You need to go out and hire one, buy an inexpensive one, or borrow a suit from a friend, so that you blend in.

On the other hand, if the custom is to dress casually, but tidily, for a funeral then that is what you should also do.

Usually casual footwear is also frowned upon. For example, trainers, even if they are new and dark coloured in many parts of the world people do not like to see them worn at funerals.

The colour of funeral clothes

In many parts of the world black is the traditional colour of mourning, so it is frequently worn to funerals, especially in the west. However, it is not the only colour of mourning. For example, in most parts of India the mourners wear white. In Japan, funeral attire combine both black and white.

Again, the key is to understand what is the custom with the close family of the deceased and reflect that in the way you dress. Even if there is no traditional colour that you know of, generally speaking, you should still avoid wearing bright colours.

Dress modestly

For such a sombre affair it is generally a good idea to dress modestly. For women that means no low cut tops or extremely short skirts. Men also need to dress appropriately, so it is best not to wear an unbuttoned shirt, or overly tight clothes.

Practical funeral attire

You also need to dress in a practical way. For example, if it is a burial wearing high heel shoes is not a sensible approach. You will have to walk over soft ground and are not going to be able to do so with dignity if your heels are too high.

It is wise to go prepared for the weather. Be just aware of what the sun can do as the rain and snow. You may be standing outside for some time, so you need to protect yourself from the elements, by choosing your attire carefully.

Paying for your Funeral with Insurance Money

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It can be difficult to choose life insurance. Finding the type of life insurance, you want, and knowing what your family will actually be receiving can be hard to understand. The piece that follows includes key information for finding and buying the most suitable policy for your life insurance options at affordable costs.

Funding a funeralWhen you are choosing a policy, consider all the expenses that will need to be covered. Life insurance is also use to pay one-time expenses like estate taxes or funeral costs, which can cost quite a bit.

Get just the amount of coverage for your family. It may seem tough, but the extra time spent is well worth it. Think about your mortgage and loans, property taxes, for instance.

Hobbies and professions, which are thought to be hazardous to your health, can raise the life insurance. If the premium is too high for you, consider giving up risky hobbies such as bungee jumping, scuba diving or skydiving. Travelling to risky areas around the world could also increase your premiums.

Do not put in too much personal information to get a quote on the internet. There are clever scammers online who promise a lot of life insurance related phishing defrauds online. Keep in mind that the only initial information you should give out for a policy quote is your zip code.

You will find that some provides offer identical coverage for up the cost of others.

Do not buy life insurance from someone who sold it to you.

Get several quotes when looking for life insurance. Each company is different way of calculating premiums and you might find you have a wide range of options open to you. If you smoke, you will encounter different rates of insurance quoted by different companies, so devote a good deal of your time into calling different places and reviewing many quotes before you buy.

Use the Internet to compare life insurance

It is in your best interest to pay premiums yearly rather than monthly. Paying the premium annually will save you a little money.

Stay away from “guaranteed issue” policies unless there really is no better choice. These “guaranteed” policies are intended to provide coverage for those with serious pre-existing health conditions. You will not need a medical exam to get this kind of insurance, but the premiums will be much higher and the coverage will only be available in limited amounts.

Get advice from an independent broker

This is because the independent broker will generally be able to offer you a wide range of products from various different firms whereas if you go to a specific firm, whereas an independent broker can provide you with choices from a wider range of firms. Life insurance is considered a major long-term responsibility, so consider your options before plunging into a contract.

You should protect yourself by understanding the cancellation options are available to you when you are setting up your life insurance before signing on the dotted line. Some companies will charge you a form of penalty for cancelling out of the policy. You should be aware of what penalties there may be for cancelling a policy.

A joint policy should be considered for a married couple. A joint policy is the lower premium is much less than two single policies. The coverage does not change; you will simply pay a decreased amount to have it.

Thanks to the above article, you now have some advice on how to get the best possible life insurance policy. Once you gain a complete understanding of the information provided, you should be able to quickly discern exactly what is being offered by the life insurance policies you are considering. With this article and the tips provided, you can get a policy that you feel comfortable with for the rest of your life.

Free Funeral Program Template

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If you are looking for a free funeral program template, you are in the right place. We have scoured the web and fount the best places for you to source and download your funeral plan templates from.

Why use a free funeral program template

Using one of these templates takes a lot of the stress out of organising a funeral. We know that it is very hard to make sure that everything that needs to be done is done, and that you see your loved one off in a tasteful and respectable way.

There is a lot to think about, so it is all too easy for things to be missed. If you use a template, you can make sure that you have everything covered.

It is important to provide funeral attendees with a nicely put together programme. In many communities, this is expected, so not providing some attendees could see one not being provided as a slight, or a sign that their friend or relative is not being afforded proper respect.

Something to remember the deceased by

In addition, providing a nice funeral programme is a good way to help people to remember the person who has died, later. Many people still take the funeral programme home with them and keep it in a safe place. These little booklets still mean an awful lot to people.

How practical is printing your own funeral programmes?

Free Funeral Program TemplateIf you do decide to try designing and printing your own funeral programmes, our advice is to start the process as soon as possible.

Editing a funeral plan template is not easy, and producing a good result, is not easy if you have never done so before. It is quite a skill, so you want to give yourself plenty of time to do the editing, and make sure that you print off a few copies well in advance. That way if you discover that the task of making your own funeral plans is too tricky you will have time to order some from a professional print firm.

The true cost of printing your own funeral programmes

You also need to realise that printing your own funeral programmes may not be as low cost an option as you think. The paper will not cost much, but the ink cartridges for a home printer or copier are expensive. Usually you will only be able to print a handful of colour copies with each set of ink cartridges.

Therefore, you may find it cheaper to ask a professional to produce your funeral programmes for you. Even in those situations, the free funeral plan templates can still come in handy because they allow you to map the design out and show the printer exactly what you are after.

The best free funeral program template links

Below are links to some of the best free funeral program templates we could find. In some cases, you will find yourself taken to the websites of commercial print firms that sell funeral programmes.

Do not think you have been misdirected. You should find a link that will take you to their free template page, so you can download and edit it.

Funeral Program Site

Free Funeral Templates Site

Tidy forms

Funeral Pamphlets

Sample Templates

Hoover Web Design

Help us to help others to plan a funeral

If you know of any other free funeral plan templates or funeral programme templates that we have missed, please leave a link below.

Funeral Insurance for the Family

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We all want a secure future for our family and key to this is financial planning. Most of us have a weekly or monthly budget in place, and know that if we stick to the budget there will be enough money in the bank to cover the bills.

Holidays, Christmas, car repairs and things like the kid’s school uniforms are also normally budgeted for, many people save for these items. However, studies show that many of us do not have any money in reserve for unexpected, yet common, events like serious illness, the loss of a job or the death of a close family member. These events cause a lot of pain, stress and heartache, which is often made far worse because these events put the family under extreme financial stress as well.

The wisdom of making funeral plans now

Funeral and Life InsuranceNobody really wants to think about these awful events, so there is a tendency for people not to put the necessary measures to help them to cope financially in place. This is understandable and only natural.

However, ignoring the possibility is not a wise approach especially when it is relatively easy to make sure that your family has the money they need to cope. For most people the best approach is to invest in insurance policies to provide coverage in the event of a job loss, serious illness or a death in the family.

Buying these kinds of insurance will make a huge difference to your family. Provided you buy the right level of coverage, you and your family will have the cash you need even in the most difficult of situations.

Life insurance to cover the cost of a funeral

Life insurance is important and the right policy can provide you with serious illness coverage too. That way should you or your spouse become terminally ill your family will have access to funds to help you to cope with the additional costs of being ill and to be able to continue to enjoy life and spend precious time as a family.

With the price of funerals, continuing to soar funeral planning is becoming increasingly important. Most families do not much money sitting in their bank accounts. Currently, the average cost of a funeral, in the UK, is £8,000, and many expect that cost to continue to rise. As a result, many families get into long term financial difficulties when they have to find the money to pay for a funeral.

Put aside an emergency funeral fund

Saving regularly, so that you have a substantial emergency fund available is another way to take care of your family’s financial future. However, this approach is only a good idea if you can resist the temptation to dip into your emergency funds to buy a dream holiday or car.

I appreciate that this is a depressing subject, but, as you can see, not planning financially for these awful life events has serious consequences for you and your children.  Therefore, it really is worth sitting down and addressing the issue of how you are going to provide financially for your family in the event of a job loss, terminal illness or death.

Hymns for Funerals

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For most Christians hymns for funerals are important. They are a part of the service that allows everyone to raise their voices together in praise of god and remembrance of the person whose funeral it is.

If you are organising a funeral the chances are you are going to be the one who is asked to choose the hymns that will be sung. Do not worry if you are not a churchgoer yourself because you will recognise many of the hymns anyway, they are very much part of the fabric of many Western cultures, so you will have heard many of them over the years.

Even if you have not the person who is conducting the service will help you. Alternatively, if you prefer, refer to a member of the family who is himself or herself a regular church or chapel attendee.

Popular Christian hymns for funerals

Another option is to go online and listen to excerpts from the most popular funeral hymns. That way you will definitely be familiar with them before you have to choose some.

Amongst the most popular hymns that are sung at funerals are:

Abide With Me
The Lord’s My Shepherd
All Things Bright and Beautiful
The Lords My Shepherd
Amazing Grace
Guide me O thou great redeemer
Love divine all loves excelling
The day thou gavest Lord is ended
The Old Rugged Cross
Morning Has Broken
Lord of all hopefulness
hymns for funeralsYou can find most of these on lyrics sites too, which will help you to find something that is appropriate to your loved one. Ideally you want the words to reflect the type of person they where, and their religious beliefs.

If you know the congregation is going to mainly be made up of people who are not used to singing these hymns it is usually well worth taking up the option of paying for a small choir. The hymns will sound so much better if you take this approach than they would if you and your friends try to sing something they are not familiar with from a funeral song sheet.
Even if the congregation is familiar with the hymns, you may still want to hire a choir to help them along. Funerals are very upsetting, so it can sometimes be difficult to sing as you would normally. You just not cannot breath in the same you would if you were not trying to hold back the tears. That means that voices will not carry so well, and it will be harder for the congregation to do the hymns justice.

Links to the best hymns for funerals

Here are some links to the best hymns for funerals that we could find. As you would expect they mostly cover the Christian tradition. However, not all of them are religious in nature, so they can also work well for a secular funeral service. Some would also work well for a humanist funeral:

Funeral helper

My Last Song

Music Academy

Funeral Sheets

Song and Praise

Your favourite hymns for funerals

If you have favourite, funeral hymns please tell us about them in the comments. We would especially like to hear from you if you can suggest hymns and songs that would work well for the funerals of those who do not necessarily follow a specific religion.
It would be nice to hear from people of all faiths about the songs that are used at the services they attend.
On this site, we like to cover all funeral traditions and customs. If you would like to write a short guest post explaining your family or faith funeral traditions please leave a comment below, so we can get in touch.

What Life Insurance is Right for You?

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When it comes to buying life insurance there is a bewildering choice of policies out there. Finding the right policy for you and your family can be done, but requires a little research.

This is an overview of the main types of insurance. The two main types of life insurance are term or whole life insurance.

Term life insurance

Term life insurance only pays out if you die, but cannot be traded in for cash at any point. This is the most common form of life insurance

Whole life insurance

A whole life policy does have a cash value and can be surrendered for money should you get into financial difficulties. If you do not surrender your policy before you die, your family will receive a payout in the event of your death.

Which is best a life or term policy?

The debate over term versus whole life insurance goes on. Some experts recommend that if you are under 40 years old and do not have a family disposition for a life threatening illness, go for term insurance, which offers a death benefit but no cash value.

Whole life offers both a death benefit and cash value, but is much more expensive. The Wall Street Journal has reported that half of all cash value policies are surrendered within the first seven years, making the coverage very expensive because commissions and fees limit the cash value in the early years.

With a traditional life insurance policy, the premiums stay the same over the life of the policy. The policy stays in effect until your death, even after you have paid all the premiums, which can often be paid up within a certain amount of time. A cash reserve is built up, but you have no control over how it is invested.

There are some other kinds of life insurance available. Here is a quick overview of the most common ones.

Variable Life insurance policies

Variable life polices build up a cash reserve that you can invest in any of the choices offered by the insurance company. The value of your cash reserve depends on how well those investments are doing.

Universal Life insurance policies

You can vary the amount of your premium with Universal life insurance policies by using part of your accumulated earnings to cover part of the premium cost. You can also vary the amount of the death benefit. For this flexibility, you will need to pay higher administrative fees. Check out www.thatsinsurance.com for more details.

Buying enough coverage

As with any policy, you need to think about what you are buying and what you are getting for your money. The idea of life insurance is to make sure that the costs of your funeral are covered and that the needs of any family you leave behind are covered.

Other considerations

You need to understand the details of the policy you are buying. The ThatsInsurance site is a good place to educate yourself. Not only are policies compared on this site, the details of what the various terms and jargon mean are all explained.